Protected Class: Lauren Siegel

It's easier being blind if you're middle class, but you'll still be treated like an infant

46 minutes

Protected Class: Lisa LaBarbera-Mascote

Why don't women report sexual assaults? How meaningful is womanhood to identity? Is the #MeToo movement relevant to NC State?

41 minutes

Protected Class: Carolina Londoño Zuluaga

A graduate student from Colombia speaks about her connection to other international students, an invisible disability she lives with, and why some people she tells write it off

34 minutes

Protected Class: Sinthia Shabnam

The Vice President of NC State's Muslim Student Association on fighting stereotypes, talking about religion, and what Muslims can do to respond to anti-Muslim sentiments

48 minutes

Protected Class: Victor Eduardo

The winner of NC State's Leader of the Pack award for 2017 talks about being gay and how people think about sexuality

49 minutes

Protected Class: Erin Banks

The director of NC State's Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity talks about psychology and the black experience

48 minutes

The Praeci Podcast: Students first

How NC State led American universities by overhauling its approach to shaping the undergraduate experience

74 minutes

Timeline of the Willis impeachment process

John Taylor Willis resigned Wednesday as Student Body Treasurer after a months-long impeachment process that only resulted in one hearing. Here is an overview of what happened, from the beginning.

731 words

Video: Fall Diversity Dialogue with Franchesca Ramsey

As part of Diversity Education Week, activist and comedian Franchesca Ramsey presented this year’s Fall Diversity Dialogue Monday evening, speaking about race, privilege, microaggressions, social media activism, and more. The presentation took place in the cinema of Witherspoon Student Center.

1 hour, 15 minutes

The Praeci Podcast: Title IX in the Trump era

In the first episode of The Praeci Podcast, we spoke with Robin Kelley, NC State’s deputy Title IX coordinator, about what Title IX is and how it came to protect survivors of sexual assault at American colleges and universities.

37 minutes

Initial Treasurer impeachment hearing set for a do-over

The committee conducting the impeachment proceedings of Student Body Treasurer John Taylor Willis has decided it will redo the initial hearing that took place September 5 due to improper proceedings that were affected by concerns pertaining to Student Conduct.

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Coming soon: Praeci News

Praeci is bringing independent, succinct student journalism to NC State and Raleigh.

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