Chancellor of Fayetteville State University, James Anderson

(Photo via Fayetteville State University)

In this second part of the three-part Chancellor Series, I spoke with James Anderson, the president of Fayetteville State University, the second-oldest public institution in North Carolina. Anderson spent 11 years at NC State, and has also worked at Texas A&M and the University of Albany.

We discussed legislative influence on higher education in North Carolina, how he developed NC State’s First Year College with Jo Allen (last episode’s guest) and Thomas Conway (next episode’s guest), and the conversation he had with Denzel Washington the actor looked for a college to send his son.

The Chancellor Series is a series of interviews with leaders in education from around North Carolina who started or built their career at NC State. Each of these individuals have now moved on to become chancellors or presidents of North Carolina colleges and universities, and are making big impacts at those institutions.

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