Perhaps it was obvious, but Praeci is now defunct.

I made Praeci in 2017 during my penultimate semester at North Carolina State University. I had a lot of fun creating it, and it proved to be a very impactful experience for me.

Praeci is, however, defunct.

Because I feel transparency is vital, I have not edited or removed any of the content posted here, even though I think that some of it, in retrospect, is regrettable. Really, it’s just the two articles that broke into opinion rather than sticking to reporting but were not amply distinguished as opinion.

You can verify that I haven’t meaningfully changed anything since it was published; check the commit history on GitHub.

If you wish to see where I am now or to keep up with my work, visit my website:

I greatly appreciate the NC State faculty, staff, and students who supported this project. All of the guests on The Praeci Podcast took me seriously despite my not being officially associated with any NC State institution like Technician. That willingness to take me seriously lent me credibility, and that gave me a platform and a feeling of empowerment, affirming that what I was doing was important and meaningful.

Most of all, I want to thank my advisor on this project. Jamie Gilbert had a hands-off approach to Praeci, giving me free reign to do what I wanted with a project — and I did. I built the thing from the ground up. In combination with her strong (and reassuring) moral support of the project, she provided me access to the technical resources I needed — recording equipment, specifically — to actually be able to do my thing.

I am very grateful to the people who had my back on this project. Being in a journalism career now, fulfilling a dream I had when I started Praeci, is a direct result of that support.

— Carter Pape
March 14, 2020