Nashia Whittenburg

(Photo via Marc Hall/NC State University Communications)

The Whittenburg name carries weight, especially at NC State. Basketball legend Dereck Whittenburg led NC State to its second men’s basketball championship win, and as of recently, Nashia Whittenburg is director of NC State’s Multicultural Student Affairs.

Just a few miles south, in Greenville, South Carolina, A.J. Whittenberg has an elementary school named after him to honor his efforts desegregating schools in that area.

I spoke with Nashia to talk about her experience growing up in a place that was extremely hostile toward her, even as an 8-year-old. Nashia’s tells raw stories from her upbringing in this episode, many of which emphasize the perseverance and strength of her and her family. We also laughed over the story of how NBA star Kevin Garnett broke her glasses in high school.

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