About Praeci

Praeci is in-depth student journalism, presenting NC State and Raleigh news beautifully in your podcast feed, on Facebook, on Twitter, and at our website. It is the senior Honors capstone project of Carter Pape. The podcast is created in collaboration with and syndicated by 88.1 WKNC.


Praeci’s focus is producing The Praeci Podcast, which presents deep dive stories from around NC State and Raleigh every other Monday.

Praeci also reports on the top news stories from around NC State and Raleigh. The writing and form of these stories are influenced by Axios, which prides itself on “delivering vital, trustworthy news and analysis in the most efficient, illuminating and shareable ways possible.”


Carter Pape created Praeci and is the editor and producer of it. He is the former news editor of Technician, NC State’s student newspaper. In his tenure at Technician, he led the news section of Volume 98, published multiple story series, and founded the first Technician podcast, Dialogue with Technician.

The name

Praeci is a distortion of the French word précis, which is “A summary or brief: a concise or abridged statement or view.” Praeci focuses on concise presentation and writing informed by deep understanding of the stories and topics.