Lauren Siegel

It's easier being blind if you're middle class, but you'll still be treated like an infant

46 minutes

Nashia Whittenburg

The suburbs where Nashia grew up were safe for everyone… except her and her family.

45 minutes

Lisa LaBarbera-Mascote

Why don't women report sexual assaults? How meaningful is womanhood to identity? Is the #MeToo movement relevant to NC State?

41 minutes

Moses T. Alexander Greene

The director of the African American Cultural Center at NC State shows me that I have a lot to learn about race and identity

49 minutes

Carolina Londoño Zuluaga

A graduate student from Colombia speaks about her connection to other international students, an invisible disability she lives with, and why some people she tells write it off

34 minutes

Sinthia Shabnam

The Vice President of NC State's Muslim Student Association on fighting stereotypes, talking about religion, and what Muslims can do to respond to anti-Muslim sentiments

48 minutes

Victor Eduardo

The winner of NC State's Leader of the Pack award for 2017 talks about being gay and how people think about sexuality

49 minutes

Erin Banks

The director of NC State's Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity talks about psychology and the black experience

48 minutes

What is this?

An introduction to a new Praeci production about identity and communication

4 minutes